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Who are we?

The CSL is a community organization that is dedicated to promoting health and well-being for women and non-binary people of sexual diversity. The CSL was founded in 1996 as the Groupe d’intervention en violence conjugale chez les lesbiennes (Lesbian Domestic Violence Intervention Group), and has over 25 years of expertise in this field. In 2008, responding to concerns over the lack of accessible services for lesbians+, the group adopted a broader mission and became the Centre de solidarité lesbienne.

Our Mission

The CSL’s role, which is rooted in feminist principles, is to improve the lives of lesbians+ by offering them services and assistance relating to domestic violence, well-being and health that are geared to their specific situation. The CSL is a place for dialogue and mutual support by and for lesbians.

Our Services

The CSL offers support and counselling to lesbians+, and fosters social ties and community solidarity.


  • Free individual check-ins on various issues and concerns
  • Assistance with the process for asylum applications based on sexual orientation or gender identity
  • Sex workshops
  • Group intervention

Social activities

  • Film nights
  • Discussion groups
  • Board games
  • Art wellness workshops
  • Drop-in: food assistance, computers, printing and photocopying, Wi-Fi access, library, media library

Awareness and information

  • Organization of awareness campaigns, especially on the topics of domestic violence, prevention of STIs and combating lesbophobia
  • Contributions to scientific and academic research
  • Any other requests from the community or the media

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